I am just a simple girl – com’on who are we fooling by calling ourselves ‘simple’? No one! In fact we all are very complicated. Atleast I am so!! And as my name suggest – Prakriti meaning nature- I am complicated, weird and unpredictable. I am a regular college girl and unlike others of my age who choose to write blogs about their experiences and their view of life, I chose to pen down about others – their failures, accomplishments, experiences and how the world actually is- both cruel and rewarding at the same time. Through INSPIRING IDIOTS, I just want to spread a word that never let others take you away from your dreams. Listen to everyone but do only what you heart says. ATTENTION PLEASE: Do what your HEART says not HEAD!
Kindly spread the word about Inspiring Idiots specially to those who lack motivation, and more importantly who you think can be an INSPIRING IDIOT. 🙂


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  1. Aui V. says:

    HI Prakriti. Thank you for dropping by at my blog. You sound interesting 🙂

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