The ultimate aim of life?

What is that thing we all are living for? Working for? Struggling for?

Money? Love? Family?


Yes! we all want to be happy. That is the ultimate goal we are living for. But is it that simple to fulfill? Actually, it is! Just learn to satisfy with what you do and what you achieve. Set your satisfaction limits and do all to achieve them. Do your best and leave the rest. Don’t do or leave anything for which you might feel regretful later on. Explore new places, new people and new experiences. Find happiness in small stuff. Feed a bird, water a dying plant, teach a poor kid, celebrate your big day with your near ones or if not them, then with a poor family, engage with elderly, play with street children and what not! In all these cases, you will bring a smile and happiness in other’s lives and so you will feel satisfied. The satisfaction of giving. Ultimately, fulfilling your goal of happiness.

Remember! a happy person can achieve anything in life. She can keep life forms around her happy and they will return the same to you. It is like a cycle, the more you give, the more you get. I can count millions of more reasons to be happy but it is up to you to find your reason to be happy, satisfied and to live!

Hoping to bring a pinch of happiness in your life,

Good luck for all the adventures and explorations.



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    1. Thankyou so much for letting me part of your team. I am really excited to post engaging content for your readers. 🙂

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