This blog post is very special for me. It is about a housewife! I know what makes you think: a housewife! really?? How a normal housewife can be inspiring?…. Don’t worry, I am not going to bore you by repeating all those heavy words about what a housewife does. This is about a particular woman: Amita Sharma. You don’t know her, infact you never ever has heard of this name. She has not done something which needs to be popularize but she has definitely done something which needs to be admired. So whats that? Scroll down!
A modern yet family lady grown up in Delhi, married and having two kids. Her life was only for her family. Thats it! There was nothing unusual in her life. She has been suffering from osteochondritis dessicans- a joint disorder in which the blood vessel supplying blood to a particular joint breaks or dies resulting in death of associated joint.Its only cure is joint replacement for which her age was not appropriate. Due to this, she is not able to walk properly from past 14 years but this never makes her complain. She love the life the almighty has gifted but unawared what God has in store for her. In 2010, she got a ray of hope when a neighbor told her about an Acupressure centre nearby. She went there and was told that she will be fine soon like before. She used to go there daily in the hope of some magic but it only brought short term happiness as the disorder was incurable. But what led to a turning point was when she got to know that the centre was actually a distance learning centre that offers diploma and degree courses in Acupressure. She joined it but that to again for her family; so that she can cure her family in cases of common diseases like cold, pain etc. Ahhh mothers!!! She completed her diploma successfully with first distinction. Motivated to achieve more, she joined MD in Acupressure. She appeared as highest scorer ever in the history of this course in that University. Two years have passed and she has treated many till today from risky cases of heart problems , thyroid to mild cases of cervical to name a few. She is a Doctor now at the agae of 47: Dr. Amita Sharma, MD(Acu)- this is her identity now from mere a housewife.
And this has motivated her so much that her next goal is to do MD in Yoga and Meditation and even a PhD afterwards. What a lady!! At the age when people plan their children’s future and their retirement, she is planning her career. Funny for some and inspiring for others.We must have heard many saying that knowledge sees no age; there is no age to study, to dream, to set goals and to give all to achieve them but in my entire life, this is the first time I have ever seen a person like this. Remember, I mentioned this article as very special for me, wondered why! Because I have this brave soul as my mother and I  immensely proud of that . She is a true achiever for me. She could choose to travel the world or engage in social gatherings like others of her age do but no, she choose to set new goals, new aspirations. Life is too short to dream, to do what we always wanted to do and the one who realises this become an inspirer and others constitute mere idiots.Sorry, if it sound too harsh. But all I want to convey is whatever you are, wherever you are, whoever you are, just don’t stop dreaming and make sure you accompany them with an honest commitment to fulfil. Stand up, and do what you always want to do today, who knows that golden opportunity appears right in front of your eyes.Remember, God has plans for every individual in his kitty; all you need to belive in yourself.


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