He has grown up playing in the sands of Jodhpur with his six siblings. A quite yet mischievous lad whose second love was movies after his family. A brilliant science student in school who later opted for public administration and then entered the world of journalism. He has been  always determined of doing something for others even if he has to put his all in it. Thats the reason why he could not earn big  but is hugely respected all over. He is Arun Sharma. You might not have heard of him because he was never featured as a news reporter on a big news channel but every news reporter knows him and repects him.
Arun started his career as an Editor in a hindi national daily after which he start publishing his own newspapers and magazines. He had worked as crime head and then as Editor-in-chief for names as big as The Asian Age.
But what truly shape this man is MEDIA FEDERATION OF INDIA. It was his vision during his initial days as a journalist which took him 15 years to shape it into reality. But let me tell you more about this. Media Federation of India is a nonprofit organization that works for the welfare of journalists and the substance of journalism. It is India’s only NPO for journalists. But thats not the end. Its primary venture came into picture a year after its initiation, in 2007- MEDIA EXCELLENCE AWARDS. These were the india’s first awards to honour media and its servers. Today there are many more such events happening year round in India and they are much bigger as they are head by the most powerful people in this domain. But MEA are the ‘Filmfare of Media’, and thats what Arun intended. Media Excellence Awards honored a 95 year old man who had spent his whole life working as a journalist without being recognized, the reporters who put their lives at stake by working secretly in naxalite affected Baster district of Chhatisgarh, an ex-MLA who had to resign because he was fighting for journalists against his own political party in Bhopal, the voice behind All India Radio for 20 years and many more. These are just few among 350 journalists honored till today. This year marks the 10th anniversary of Media Excellence Awards.
Today Media Federation of India has over 20,000 loyal members from all over the country and has affected over 20 lakhs lives in a span of 11 years and is running successfully in 18 states with seperate state wings.
The man behind all this, Arun is 52, the  age when people start planning their retirement, this powerful soul is still working on finding more ways to do his bit for media and people associated with it. For him, he has a long way ahead. For his friends and relatives, he is an idiot who has wasted his life on useless things. He could not buy a huge property for himself, he has a bank balance as less as a clerk but has a supporting family which is his strength and partner in crime and most importantly he has determination and vision to fulfil his dreams.

Hope I was able to inspire you with the story of this idiot.
Will be back with another inspiring story soon
Till then, keep dreaming keep inspiring 🙂


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