We have been taught since our childhood that our mind is most active in the morning when we wake up, and so is mine. Like everyday there was so much going on in my head today, about college, friends, health and startups and I knew that like everyday I won’t stick to any of the resolutions to make my life better. Humans are such a strange creatures. We know what is right or wrong still we don’t follow these ethics. And I am no indifferent. But among those mixed thoughts, I don’t know how idea of writing a blog clicked my mind and without realising its know how(seriously I don’t know how to start with blogs), I decided that this time I will stick to it.
Now I was clear about what I am going to write but how? Then I called my writer friend and told her about my newly born blogging interest. She first welcomed me in her domain and then taunted me on my fastly growing interests (being a science student, I love management , work part time as event coordinator, a self styled startup enthusiast and now blogging) followed by our usual digression to girly gossips and no fruitful talk at all.

Then without wasting any more time I start working on it and thus ‘Inspiring Idiots’ born.You might be thinking that why I am writing about how I started this blog.I can understand no one will want to waste their time in reading about my unusual morning stint. But there is a reason behind this. An enterpreneur is just a common man who set out on the journey to become uncommon. Its that one idea that shook him from inside and after trying for help from the experts(my writer friend here) with bleek chances of success, he eventually have to do all by himself. By various hit and trials and eventually learning from them, this struggling entrepreneur sometime succeed , sometimes not. But he leaves behind his story of how an idiot inspire many.
You might be thinking why I am calling these great people ‘Idiots’.(If you have known the reason by now then you are a long way ahead my friend.)This is because when a person put his unusual idea infront of ordinary people, he is tagged as an ‘idiot’.Each of those who set out to do something different, something that does not lie in the category of what is generally percieved as a key to well setteled life, has been tagged as an idiot, foolish, stupid etc. atleast once in this journey. But this idiot eventually achieve what no one else could even imagined- experience and knowledge and these are not just the words, they have the power to change the world that are sometimes followed by money and fame too.
And I am going to pen down about those unknown personalities and their ventures that set them apart from the crowd, about each of the soul who inspire me.They may not be an entrepreneur but would be surely an inspiring idiot.


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